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Truffled Umami Chef Seasoning

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Truffled Umami Chef Seasoning - This Grate Grinds unique seasoning is a combination of French Grey Sea salt, onion flakes, black truffle sea salt, cracked black peppercorns and garlic flakes.  The French Grey salt provides the best natural mineral salt, combined with black truffle salt to give you that mushroom earthy aroma and flavor and the onion and garlic provide the background flavor for the salts and the black peppercorns provide a little pepper spice.  These spices together provide a "Umami" flavor profile.  The term "umami" refers to one of the tastes in food other than sweet, sour, salt and bitter, which is a rich yummy savory flavor component.

This seasoning could be universally used on many foods, from grilled NY Steaks, chicken breasts or fish, to seasoning a rich beef velouté or tomato soup, to freshly grind on your sautéed mushroom or grilled vegetables.

We off this seasoning in a reusable 4 oz. glass spice bottle with a quality plastic grinder top filled with 3.0 oz. of the Truffled Umami Chef Seasoning.


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