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4 oz Glass Spice Bottle with Plastic Grinder Tops

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Standard round glass spice bottles with a quality plastic grinder tops.  The grinder tops are screw-on threaded type available is: Clear, Black, Green and Orange.  The bottles are a 4 oz. bottle by volume and they are available by the dozen in 6 pack sizes: 1 dozen, 2 dozen, 3 dozen, 4 dozen, 5 dozen and 8 dozen.

These are food grade spice grinders and bottles and only intended to grind spices and food products.  They work best when grinding flake or small grains as a minimum size.  Tiny seeds like celery won't work and just fall out.  The grinder will grind the grains and flakes to a smaller flake but not to a powder.

TO USE:  Remove the plastic grinder top from the bottle and fill with your desired spices like: chile flakes, peppercorns, course salt, garlic chips or onion chips, cinnamon chips, course sugar like Demerara sugar, etc..  Only fill up to the top of the bottle.  Don't over fill the bottle.  Replace the plastic grinder top back on and firmly tighten the grinder top by the base of the grinder top.  Remove the plastic cap on the grinder top.  Turn the bottle upside down and with one hand hold onto the grinder top and twist the bottle in the clockwise direction.  You could do the reverse and hold the bottles and twist the grinder top in the counter-clockwise direction, but this seems to be more difficult.

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