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About Grate Grinds

Hello and thanks for checking out our website www.grategrinds.com. GrateGrinds.com was started by our founder and president of Real American Foods, LLC, Peter Schoebel. He has worked in the food industry since 1987, most of that time as an executive chef. Chef Peter is a graduate of the Culiinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York, receiving the Scholastic Achievement Award at graduation..

Grate Grinds was born when Chef Peter was working on researching the history of authentic American regional barbecue flavors throughout the country. This quest for knowledge was brought on by a desire to learn more about the authentic American barbecue techniques itself and the various foods and flavors of those regions. What could be more Americana than, hot dogs, apple pie and good old fashioned barbecue, the American way! As one thing always seems to lead to another, this has led him to developing modern day recipes of American regional barbecue rubs and herb and spice blends. The focus of the barbecue rubs and spice blend recipes are to capture the essence of those flavors specific to that region or state. In the pursuit of offering the best possible fresh flavors, he came across these spice grinder tops for spices bottles. What a great idea, he thought! Blend authentic regional herb and spice flavors and then be able to freshly grind them on your foods. Not only are the flavors freshly ground, because who knows how long those spices in the grocery store shelves have been sitting around in those jars, but it’s also a healthy way to add flavor to foods without adding calories and fat. Thus Grate Grinds was born! As your own chef, you can grind less or more of the spice blend onto your food as you desire. If you like your food mildly flavored, only grind a little. If you like you food to jump out at you with flavor, grind away! Happy Grinding from Grate Grinds!