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Chipotle Sea Salt

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Chipotle Sea Salt - This is natural sea salt infused with smoke dried jalapenos, known as chipotle peppers.  As one of the most popular chile peppers today, this salt brings the popular versatile chipotle pepper heat and flavor with natural sea salt.

This Chipotle Sea Salt is as versatile as the pepper itself.  Use this salt as a finishing salt to get the maximum aroma and flavor on your food. You could freshly grind this on a salad or salad dressing, like ranch dressing, grind it onto you favor soup to give it a splash of chipotle flavor, season your sautéed or grilled vegetable for a flavor pick up or grind it freshly onto your grilled chicken, seafood, pork or beef.

We offer the Chipotle Sea Salt in a 4 oz. glass spice bottle with a quality plastic grinder top filled with 3.6 oz. of salt.

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