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Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt

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Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt - This is all natural sea salt cold smoked with real mesquite wood.  This Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt brings you the essence of traditional barbecue flavor without the bitterness by using the cold smoking process.

This salt has a very strong mesquite flavor and aroma to season your robust foods. As with our other infused and smoked salts they are best used as a finishing salt, meaning they are freshly ground on your food just before you serve it for maximum flavor and aroma.  You could use this Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt to season you grilled burgers and chicken breasts or oven roasted steaks, burgers or seafood, that give it that grilled smoked flavor.  You could use this salt to season your grilled sautéed or roasted vegetables.

We offer our Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt in a reusable 4 oz. glass spice bottle with a quality plastic grinder top filed with 4.2 oz. of salt.

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