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Chipotle Chile Flakes

Chipotle Chile Flakes - Chipotle chiles are actually dried smoked ripe jalapeno peppers. They have become the chile pepper of popularity from salsas to dressings to chicken.

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Chipotle Chile Flakes - Chipotle chiles are actually dried smoked ripe jalapeño peppers. These are considered medium heat and rate at between 5000 to 10000 Scoville units of heat. They were originally found in salsas, but now are commonly found in many types of Southwestern style dishes. Because of a certain popular Mexican restaurant chain, these peppers have become very commonly known today.

  • To use the Grate Grinds Chipotle Chile Flakes just grinds the chile flakes into your favorite dressing (Ranch) or grind some onto your scrambled eggs or black beans.
  • Grind the chile flakes onto your chicken breasts or steaks that have been lightly coated with oil, salt and pepper before sautéing or grilling.
  • You could grind these chile flakes onto your food as a replacement for black pepper to give your food a spicy Southwestern kick!
  • Grind some Chipotle chile flakes into your store bought or homemade salsa for a chipotle chile boost.

We offer these chile flakes in a reusable 4 oz. glass spice bottle with a quality plastic grinder top filled with 1.5 oz. of chile flakes.  These grinders only crush the chile flakes to release their spice.  They do not grind the flakes into a powder/granules.

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