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Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar - A sweet ratio of blending that wonderful cinnamon spice with Demerara Sugar.

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Cinnamon Sugar - Growing up, cinnamon-sugar toast was a family favorite. Toast your favorite bread, spread a little butter on it, and then grind away with the fresh Cinnamon-Sugar blend.  We use Demerara Sugar which is a more natural sugar and not over processed like white sugar, thus not as sweet with a more lightly roasted sugar flavor.  

By no surprise this contains, Spice Ingredients: Demerara Sugar and cinnamon.

Our Cinnamon-Sugar blend comes in a glass 4 oz. spice bottle with a reusable high quality plastic grinder top filled with 2.5 oz. of Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar Uses:

  • Cinnamon Toast - Toast your favorite bread then immediately spread it with butter and then generously grind it with the Cinnamon Sugar.
  • French Toast - Grind it on you French Toast with Maple Syrup.
  • Pancakes - Grind it into your pancake batter and then make your pancakes, then top with butter and Maple Syrup.
  • Hot Cereal - Grind the Cinnamon Sugar on your Hot Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat or Grits.
  • Cold Cereal - Grind some Cinnamon Sugar on your cold cereal with milk.
  • Apple, Peach of Blueberry Pie - Grind some Cinnamon Sugar onto your apples, peach or blueberries when making your pie.

 Cinnamon Sugar Toast with Eggs

Cinnamon Sugar Toast with your morning fried eggs and cheddar.

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