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Mirepoix Seasoning

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Mirepoix Seasoning - This is a classic French mixture of aromatic vegetables used to season most soups, sauces and braising dishes.  The classic French vegetables and ratios are: 50% onion, 25% carrot and 25% celery. We have designed our Mirepoix Seasoning to consist of onion flakes, carrot flakes, celery flakes and add in a little garlic flakes, Pacific sea salt, thyme and bay leaves, which are all classic ingredients used in the making of soups, sauces and braising dishes.

 This is a true gourmand's chef seasoning. It is the essence and basis of comfort food cooking.  This seasoning combination is one of the chef's best cooking partners.

 This Mirepoix Seasoning can used raw and freshly grind it into your tuna salad, egg salad, chicken salad or potato salad to name a few examples.  It could also be freshly ground into a simple pan chicken sauce or tomato sauce.  You could even grind it into your scrambled eggs or salad dressing.  Alternatively, you could use it in bulk by unscrewing the top and adding a few tablespoons into your soup.  It is so versatile, but it might be a new idea for you to try.  Don't let the French culinary term throw you off.

We off our Mirepoix Seasoning in a reusable 4 oz. glass spice bottle with a quality plastic grinder tip filled with 2.3 oz. of Mirepoix Seasoning. 

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