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What Started Your Cooking Interest?

chef cooking inspiration

A question from Mallory Reed.

I was always adventurous with food even as a young child, even ordering lobster at Alioto’s restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf  in San Francisco at a family dinner.  My father said: “If you want to order lobster, you better eat the lobster!”  How inspiring!  Well, I ate the lobster and loved it!

I used to help my mother prepare food for dinner parties at our house when I was a child too.

When I was an adult, I worked in the electronics industry for 10 years in silicon valley.  I used to come home from work and experiment with cooking using a cookbooks series I bought through the mail (no internet back then!).  When I decided to change careers, I asked my mom for ideas.  She asked “what do you love doing?”.  I replied, “cooking every night I get home from work!”.  Then I visited with a man I knew growing up that had a delicatessen, which now owned a gourmet pizza place in town.  He hired me on the spot as the manager of his new takeout store, opening in a few months.  That started my career.



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